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Full Throttle Speed Ray 1


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Product Description

Speed Ray Series
Hold on tight for a spirited, wild ride with the 1, 2 or 4 riderSPEED RAY hi-tech performance towable tube! Angled wingsallow you to ride on the edge for tight turns and perfect control
over the wake. Features ergonomic handles and large neopreneknuckle guards for a comfortable ride, large, anti-chaffing neopreneknee pads for ultimate performance and boarding handles on the back assist riders
to get back on the tube easily while in the water. Tube is fully covered with heavyduty nylon for durability and has extra heavy duty 30 gauge PVC construction. E-Zconnect towing harness that allows for easy hook up and better pull. Repair kit andSchrader Valve adapter are included.

  • Unique design for a wild ride, high performance with angled wing body style
  • Heavy duty fully nylon covered, designed for one rider
  • Soft neoprene pad on tube surface provides added riding comfort
  • Ez connect tow hook allows for convenient tow rope connection
  • Two grip handles with soft foam knuckle guards & back boarding straps